Frequently Asked Questions

What is "bleed" and why does it matter? Back to top

Bleed is where the artwork extends by a given amount on all 4 sides to allow for cutter variance. This means when the printer cuts your cards, you don't end up with an unwanted white border on the edge of your design. Our cards are meant to produce a final document size of 3.5" x 2" (standard U.S. business card size), but we include a 1/8" (.125 inches) bleed to make the document size 3.75" x 2.25". Keep this in mind when if sending your pdf to a print shop by making sure the bleed adheres to the printer's guidelines.

What size are your business cards? Back to top

Our business card designs are 3.5” x 2” (standard U.S. size), but we include a .125” padding around the outside – known in the printing world as “bleed”. Having a bleed ensures that when you (or the printer) cut your cards, your design will extend all the way to the edge and you won’t end up with an uneven white border.

Can I save my design and return to edit it later? Back to top

Indeed! Click on “Save to my account” to save your design if you want to go back and finish editing at a later time. Also, any completed designs you download will automatically be saved in your account in case you want to make changes later on.

How many cards can I download for free? Back to top

As many as you like!

Is it really free? Back to top

You bet! Editing, saving, and downloading any of iboost’s designs is 100% free.