QR Codes: Everybody's Doing It

Lindsay on 2013-01-28

The debate about whether QR codes are here to stay or already passe has been going on for years. A recent report, the Multichannel Merchant Outlook 2012-2013 (courtesy of the Rochester Institute of Technology), gives skeptics reason to believe.

Nearly half the merchants surveyed include QR codes as part of their marketing strategy - a massive jump from only 8% the previous year! That's some compelling data, folks. The most common uses reported were print catalogs and other printed mail pieces (like postcards).

Even McDonald's relies on QR codes to share information with customers. According to the Memphis Business Journal, Micky D's is now using QR codes to share the nutritional info on their to-go packaging, in addition to several other products where they are already featured. Starbucks, Verizon, the U.S. Postal Service, and Target have all launched QR-centric campaigns recently as well.

Proving that QR codes are a global trend, the city of Rio de Janeiro is enhancing the tourist experience by building 30 QR codes in sidewalk pavements around the city. Each mosaic QR code will reveal educational information about Rio and what the city has to offer.

Advocates for marketing with QR codes will tell you to reach beyond using the code to merely drive traffic to a website. By getting creative with QR codes, they can be used to widen your Twitter and Facebook networks, interact with and engage customers, increase brand loyalty, as well as boost sales revenue. For those who believe, sky's the limit.

Not sure exactly how you want to implement a QR code? Use our QR code generator to experiment with different strategies - it's free!

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