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Business Card Basics

Lindsay on 2012-12-14

The business card. Entrepreneur.com says it best - for its size and cost, it's probably the most powerful part of any good marketing plan. You have many choices today for how to get your cards designed and printed, so here are some basics to guide you no matter what path you choose.

A great business card is:

Appropriate - Images help people retain information - it's a fact, people! Choose a business card that features a graphic, theme, or even tone that reflects what you do.

High Quality - It is downright cheap these days to print business cards, and more and more companies are upping their paper quality to stay in the game. Don't settle for less than 14 pt, and when you can afford a little extra - a 16 pt stock makes a tremendous difference in richness of feel (and therefore, the impression your card makes).

Informative - Although you don't want to crowd your card with unnecessary information, make sure you include all the important stuff! That includes every way you want a customer to find you or contact you, possibly including a cell and office phone number, Facebook page, Twitter handle, website url, etc.

Accurate - PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD! No one knows the correct spelling of your information or digits of your phone number other than YOU, so take the time to carefully inspect your information before ordering your cards. One more time for the nosebleeds - PROOFREAD!

With so many options for business cards out there, you have no excuse not to have a great one - especially now that you know the basics.

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