Digital Printing: What's All the Fuss About?

Lindsay on 2012-11-08

Digital printing is commonly used by print shops these days, and touted by many as being the greatest thing since sliced bread thanks to its high efficiency. Of course, just as many folks will tell you that traditional offset printing is the only way to go for a high quality print. We at iboost are nonpartisan when it comes to printing techniques, but do feel like there is a time and a place for each.

Today, let's look at digital printing. There are certainly benefits to using this new technology - but what are they, again? Here's the skinny:

• Cost Effective/Smaller Runs - Like we touched on in our post a couple weeks ago, one major advantage of digital printing is the capability to print in much smaller quantities than offset printing allows. This means you can print just the amount you need (or much closer to it), rather than wasting money on unnecessarily oversized orders or ending up with obsolete leftovers.

• Marketing/Targeting Flexibility - Smaller runs also afford much greater flexibility when it comes to marketing. You can test different designs or promotions in different markets, or even utilize variable data to customize each piece you print!

• Green - Smaller orders result in less paper wasted, and digital printing also eliminates the need for film, chemicals, and oil-based inks used in traditional printing. It's a slam dunk for the planet, you guys!

• Color Consistency Over Time - In order to maximize their efficiency, printers often use gang-runs for offset printing. This means your business cards get printed alongside someone else's business cards, and can result in your desired CMYK colors being just a smidge off. For example, there might be other cards in the run that use a lot of black ink, so the yellow in your cards is a hair darker than what you anticipate. You may not even notice the slight difference, but when you order cards for another employee the color discrepancy could become more obvious. Digital printing eliminates this risk and has a greater rate of consistency from job to job.

If you want to learn more about digital printing, visit www.iboost.com or call 877-800-2120. If you want to learn more about the benefits of offset printing, you will just have to stay tuned...

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