Printing Tips: Getting More Bang for your Buck

Lindsay on 2012-10-30

We've already given you 5 reasons printing still matters for your business. SimplyHired.com makes a similarly strong case for why having a business card is important for anyone seeking a new job. While we know our blog audience is primarily made up of entrepreneurs and business-owners, the benefits SimplyHired highlight certainly apply to anyone debating the worth of a business card in this digital age.

Still, with the list of needs for your growing business getting longer by the day, know that printing business materials needn't cost a lot. Printing high quality, well-designed materials is one business necessity that keeps decreasing in price while increasing in value.

Here are a few ways to maximize bang for your buck, when it comes to printing:

1. Don't be afraid to print small quantities. Advancements in digital printing have made printing small jobs possible and accessible. If you have a new employee who you are just trying out, order them 25 or 50 business cards rather than the standard 250 or 500. A healthy practice for your budget AND the planet.

2. Use a pre-designed template. Many sites, iboost included, offer free business card templates. Impressive strides toward creativity and artistry mean bye-bye to the generic templates of yesteryear. There is no need to spend precious dollars on a graphic designer, when you have galleries of high-quality templates at your fingertips - and at no cost.

3. If you know you need more, order it now. This might sound like the polar opposite of #1, but it's not. #1 says don't buy more than you need. BUT, if you know you will go through 1000 cards in the next year, it will actually save you money to order 1000 now rather than 500 now and another 500 in 6 months. The bottom line is - buy smart. Knowing what you need will save you money every time.

If you have questions about how to print beautiful cards, while sticking to a tight budget, we can help. Give the team at iboost a call or visit www.iboost.com.

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