What Makes a Great Logo? Part One

Alex and Lindsay on 2012-09-04

Developing a compelling, consistent brand strategy will elevate your business to the next level. Many customers who come to us for help with branding are not sure where to begin. We believe the first, and most critical, step in the process is creating the right logo, so we asked our lead designer to share his thoughts on logos and branding! Here's what Alex had to say:

What is a logo? Wikipedia tells us that a logo is a "graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises ...". But everyone knows that. What business-owners really want to know is: What makes a GREAT logo? We believe the answer is simple - your company's mission, philosophy, look, feel, message, and personality all compressed into a symbol. Easy, right? Not quite. But that`s why we, the designers, work hand in hand with you, the client, to create the perfect logo for your business. Paul Rand, a famous graphic designer, tells us that a logo should  be "memorable and easy to recall". We take his word. Strong branding in conjunction with strategic advertising can really power up your company. We don`t just do nice designs that look pretty, we create smart designs that will help you succeed. That is our priority.

Well said! If you want to work with Alex and the rest of the iboost design team to develop a great logo for YOUR business, or even improve on the logo you already use, give us a call at 877-800-2120 or visit us at www.iboost.com.

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