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Printing: 5 Reasons it Still Matters for your Business

Lindsay on 2012-08-14

Whether your target audience is primarily teenagers, senior citizens, or anyone in between, printing remains an important and relevant way to communicate with your customers.

"No, Lindsay! You're crazy! The ONLY way to communicate with your customers is online nowadays!", you will say. And I will hear you. I have really, really good hearing.

But hear this - excluding print from your marketing campaigns is a great way to exclude the growing contingency of customers who feel overwhelmed by a constant stream of retailers' emails in their inbox, jaded by who is "liking" what on Facebook, or who don't actively use Twitter or Facebook (gasp! I know - but there are many in this category).

Need a few more reasons why printing still matters? Here are 5.

1. Getting something in the mail besides a bill is exciting, and it happens so rarely that it grabs your attention. When you are on a website, you likely don't even notice many of the ads you are shown anymore. But don't you at least look at what is in your hand when you take it out of the mailbox?

2. Staying power. A webpage you like may get bookmarked, and a company you "like" might post messages to your newsfeed along with your other 150 friends, but a great print marketing piece with a strong branding message and compelling graphic is more likely to linger, both in the customer's mind and as tangible presence in their home or passed to a friend.

3. It is just more personal. I don't know about you, but I get about 30 promotional emails a day from retailers that I automatically delete. But once in a while I get a postcard in the mail, offering me a discount for my birthday from a favorite retailer – and I use that one every time.

4. Print is cheap and easy. With strides in digital technology, not only are print graphics much more crisp and beautiful, ordering print jobs online is a breeze and costs less than ever.

5. Printing is GREEN! Eco-friendly printing is simple with recycled stocks. iboost offers a recycled option for all of our products.

6. (BONUS!) Save your local post office! Give them some biz. While you boost yours.

The best marketing campaign is a comprehensive one – if you want help designing or producing a great print piece for your next campaign, let iboost help!

Visit www.iboost.com or call 877-800-2120 to ask about our affordable and expert custom design services.

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