Cost Saving Tips for Small Business
: Part 2 – In your Marketing Programs

Mary on 2012-07-03

It’s one thing to control the costs of the physical items you purchase and use (refer to Part 1 of Cost Cutting Tips for a refresher), but what about those intangibles like branding, new prospect engagement and customer loyalty? These are the things that define the very essence of your company – what you’re about, who you serve, and the way others perceive your business. These elements can sometimes be expensive, even when done right. But they can be very costly, and wasteful, if done poorly. Here are some tips to control your marketing costs, while building a brand your customers will trust.

1. When designing your brand, things like your logo, templates and letterhead, keep it simple. There are so many ways you can represent yourself. Yet, each revision, even if as simple as a color change, costs time and money. Choose a design, get customer feedback, and run with it!

2) Use a website builder designed for business owners, not technical experts. You’ll find the standard layouts are already based on website best practices, making navigation for your customers easy to use.

3) Get business cards, that are affordable. Your customers, prospects and partners aren’t going to frame them. They just need to be able to reach you. Keep it clean and consistent with the rest of your branding elements.

4) Follow up on every lead. Period. When you judge leads based on a name, company or location, you could be leaving money on the table, or worse, wasting it in your lead generation efforts. Even if they don’t buy from you, they will remember your professionalism and perhaps recommend you in the future.

5) Get social! In most cases, social media is free, and takes less than 15 minutes a day. You have the opportunity to listen to customers and prospects, get new ideas, provide company and product updates, and encourage others to share their experiences with your business.

Smart, well designed marketing brands don’t have to cost a fortune. And done well, you can save time and money, and increase your customer engagement at the same time. Get started with iboost today and we’ll walk you through every step – at no extra cost!

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