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Printing 101, Part Deux: Successful Uploads!

Lindsay on 2012-06-26

When creating new business cards through iboost, you have the option to edit one of our pre-designed templates, build your own card with our design tool, or upload your own artwork for the most unique cards yet!

If you are uploading your own art, you likely spent your own valuable time creating a design OR paid someone else your hard-earned money to create it. Either way, you have already invested in your design before you even go to order the printed product.

We know uploading art online can be confusing, so here are some simple tips you can follow to protect your investment and give you a great-looking print!

1. Make sure your document is the right size for the product you ordered. That means the product size + bleed, or a .125 inch margin on each side. So if you are ordering a 3.5" x 2" business card, your file should actually be 3.75" x 2.25". Get it? Not really? That's okay! You can just…

2. Use a template! Most printing sites offer free templates for you to download. This takes all the guesswork out of what size your file should be. Just pick the product and size of what you want to order, download, and presto! We encourage you to even create your design right in the template.

3. Make sure your file settings always include CMYK and your DPI is no less than 300. Using CMYK ensures that the color in your print matches the color you see when you view your design online, and a DPI of 300 keeps your image crisp and clear.

4. Use an accepted file format. Accepted file formats vary by site, but the safest bet is always a PDF. If your file is not one of the accepted formats (iboost accepts .pdf, .ai, .eps, and .svg), please check out our how-to guide for saving your file as a PDF.

If you would like help preparing or uploading your art, you can always give us a call at 877-800-2120. We would love to help!

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