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QR Codes 101

Kambria on 2012-06-19

You have probably come across a QR (Quick Response) Code within the last year or two. On Heinz ketchup bottles, in the front display window of Pottery Barn, in a Sports Illustrated article, on the bench at a bus stop - they’re popping up all over! But how do they work, and what exactly do they do? Well kick back and relax, ‘cause we’re going to break it down for you…

QR Codes, are two-dimensional matrix barcodes that consist of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. And, they have been around longer than you’d probably think! They were developed in 1994 by Toyota subsidiary, Denso Wave, as a way to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. The Code encrypts standardized modes of data that are readable through a quick scan, similar to a standard UPC barcode.

Advertisers have adopted QR Codes over the past several years to provide quick and effortless access to their brands’ websites, newsletters, contact information and more. Smartphones now have cheap (if not free) apps that link to the phone’s cameras, and allow consumers to scan the Codes to pull up information instantly through their device’s web browser. Companies are finding QR Codes useful to share reading content; to build a sense of community by linking to social media sites; to offer promotions through landing pages; and to enhance search engine optimization.

QR Code usage is expanding, particularly in the United States. During the month of June 2011, according to one study, 14 million users scanned a QR Code or a barcode on their mobile device. 2012 has brought about a much wider range of QR Code applications which now include commercial tracking, entertainment, ticketing, loyalty coupons and in-store product labeling.

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