Cost Saving Tips for Small Business
: Part 1 - In the Office

Mary on 2012-06-12

When you own or run a small business, every penny counts. Sometimes it seems like there just aren’t enough items to cut from your budget to keep your business profitable. Often it’s because we overlook the obvious – the little things. Here are some tips to keep your onsite costs down.

1) Adjust the temperature during off hours when the office is empty. You’ll be amazed at how much green you can save when you take small steps toward being green.

2) Turn overhead lights off and use lamps with energy efficient bulbs in offices and meeting rooms. Not only will you save money, but you’ll create a calm and productive environment for your staff.

3) Use email whenever possible and don’t print them unless absolutely necessary. Most communication can be conducted electronically. You’ll extend the life of your office equipment, save paper costs and deliver the message more quickly.

4) Replace your traditional phone service with a business VoIP phone system and increase your call quality while cutting your phone costs by as much as 65%.

5) Find business partners and vendors that understand the goals and challenges of small businesses. They are more likely to be flexible with pricing and payment terms because they have been where you are and relate to your emerging business needs.

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