Increase Your Visibility with Search Engine Submission!

Kambria on 2012-08-07

You’ve taken the time to create your company brand, design your website layout (perhaps with the help of iboost!), and display your products online for the world to see. But w

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Why Do You Still Need a Business Card?

Lindsay on 2012-07-31

When starting your own business, and taking inventory of your initial needs, you may wonder if printing business cards is even necessary these days. Between Facebook,


Honesty – It’s Still the Best (Business) Policy

Mary on 2012-07-24

When my children were in elementary school, they participated in a program called “Character Counts.” It stood for standards such as respect, responsibility and honesty. The p


SEO: A Marketing Revolution

Kambria on 2012-07-17

The Internet has rapidly developed into a very powerful tool for marketers to bring products to consumers. In the past 20 years, it has dramatically taken advertising outlets

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5 Tips for a Great Business Card

Lindsay on 2012-07-10

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is: "What makes a great business card?". Creating a business card has personal importance when you are a business own