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Better looking, user-friendly, and totally free: Meet the new iboost!

Lindsay on 2013-04-30

We know what you're thinking - you iboost people are CRAZY. And you are right - we ARE crazy! Crazy for designing business cards that jump out from the stack, and providing

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Choosing the Font that Says What You Want

Lindsay on 2013-02-27

How much thought do you put into the font you use? If your answer is not much, think again. Just as different colors convey a variety of themes or emotions, fonts send a messa

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Color Combos: Branding Your Image

Kambria on 2013-01-18

Color is an important aspect to consider when branding your own company, and it’s not a decision that start-up companies should take lightly. Different shades of color can sig

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Business Card Basics

Lindsay on 2012-12-14

The business card. says it best - for its size and cost, it's probably the most powerful part of any good marketing plan. You have many choices today for how

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Printing: 5 Reasons it Still Matters for your Business

Lindsay on 2012-08-14

Whether your target audience is primarily teenagers, senior citizens, or anyone in between, printing remains an important and relevant way to communicate with your customers.