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Better looking, user-friendly, and totally free: Meet the new iboost!

Lindsay on 2013-04-30

We know what you're thinking - you iboost people are CRAZY. And you are right - we ARE crazy! Crazy for designing business cards that jump out from the stack, and providing

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Printing 101, Part Deux: Successful Uploads!

Lindsay on 2012-06-26

When creating new business cards through iboost, you have the option to use one of our pre-designed templates, build your own card with our design tool, or upload your own art

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QR Codes 101

Kambria on 2012-06-19

You have probably come across a QR (Quick Response) Code within the last year or two. On Heinz ketchup bottles, in the front display window of Pottery Barn, in a Sports Illus

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Starting Up Your Business is Easy with iboost!

Lindsay on 2012-04-17

You have talked about starting your own small business for years, and now you have finally decided to take the leap – but now what?!



Lindsay on 2012-03-28

Hi there! We are so glad to meet you. Whether you are contemplating starting your own business, or are looking to take your existing biz to the next level, we hope we can help