Tips for a Proper Print

  • Bleed
    Bleed refers to the way artwork extends to .125 inches beyond the edge of your design, on all sides. This ensures that when your product is cut, there are no ugly white edges to distract from the integrity of your design.
  • Trim
    The trim size is the true size of the product, and is where the paper will be cut.
  • Safe Zone
    Make sure all your text falls inside this box so that if the paper isn't cut exactly along the trim line, no important information will be cut off. This safe area should create a .125 inch margin inside the trim line.

TIP #1

Be sure all your content and info is INSIDE the safe zone so nothing gets cut off!

TIP #2

Your artwork should extend (aka bleed) to 0.125 inches beyond the true product size!

TIP #3

Borders = Bad news. Avoid using a border to ensure your design will be printed and cut evenly.